• Air freight is another word for air cargo, which refers to the shipment of products by air. When it comes to sending express shipments over the world, air transport services are the most valuable. Air freight, like commercial or passenger airlines, uses the same airports. Customers with urgent shipments and seasonal volume increases can benefit from Air Charter services. 

Air Freight Services

  • We arrange dedicated and direct flights for shipping from Australia, shipping from the USA, shipping from China to Kenya and other parts of the world to meet the urgent demand for capacity to deliver any commodities, including dangerous goods, perishables, and products requiring temperature-controlled shipping, door-to-door across continents. Airfreight services are tailored to our customers’ requirements. We provide highly standardized service when it comes to quality, global reliability, and effectiveness of operational execution. Imani’s service Air shipping from USA, Australia, China to Kenya is a remarkable way to transport your goods in a quicker and safest way.

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